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Wow you actually want to find out about the person who has setup this site. How nice
of you.
I'm a native of Perth Western Australia, the largest state that makes up my homeland
of Australia. I think we have the distinction of being the most isolated capital city in the
To earn a living, I work as an Network Administrator in the Mining Industry. I look after
Internet Technologies, Mail Systems, Domino Servers and also do the odd bit of PC
support. Prior to getting a job in the Mining Industry I have worked as:
- A Laborer in Kalgoorlie (this is a Gold Mining Town approx. 600km east of Perth)
- A Bank Officer
- Computer Based Training Programmer/Graphic Artist
- Database Programmer/Special Projects Officer
- PC Support Officer
I sort of fell into a computing career when given a golden opportunity to do Computer
Based Training programming at the Bank I worked for. I've always had exposure to
computers as my Mum was constantly bringing the things home as she got more
involved in them as part of her career.
I'm an early thirty something, going grey at the temples (my mum thinks it'll make me
look distinguished, I think she's humoring me). Hobbies and interests are Caving,
Swimming, Camping, Abseiling, Reading, Movies, and the odd bit of work on my
Spikey Interactive does computer based work such as Web Sites, Graphics & Tech
Support for good causes or people who don't mind waiting awhile for something to
be designed due to my having a full time job.